2 Photo Series April & Form, by Celeste Ortiz

2 Photo Series Self-portrait; April & Form, by Celeste Ortiz

Project statement

I’m sending images of two series. First is “April” a collection of selfportraits developed between 2013 and 2015. Since my interest with photography begun I been dedicated mostly to self portraiture. And secondly my 2017 series “Form” in which I tried to see at the body closely in an abstract way, looking for the geometry of lines and curves formed by skin, color, shadow and light.

Artist statement

Into shooting, your photography equipment, etc.:
I use my own body and space, my room, to create my images, with film and instant photography as my medium. I’m interested in the concepts of an inner world and outer world through limits of body, conscious and nature.


There are so many talents out there, I feel particulary inspired by people who show honesty and goodwill, that pushes me to be better myself.


I studied a diplomaed course on digital photography on 2012, but since then I stared to work with film photography, so it wasn’t very useful. I have learned a lot from trial/error and reading on internet, also I have take some workshop with renowned artists/photographers.
My relationship with photography is of familiarity and quotidianity, photography is something I made/think about everyday.


All the pictures in this post are copyrighted Celeste Ortiz

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