Across The Universe, by Baskara Puraga Sumantri

Suatu hal yang diluar pemahaman saya ketika menikmati karya dari Baskara Puraga Somantri kali ini. Ada kesan merinding dan ketidak tahuan akan apa yang sedang dibahas pada narasi yang terlampir, bahkan membayangkannya saja tidak bisa, seperti meraba ruang pada rekaman imajinasi yang kental dengan sentuhan fiktif.

Kumpulan foto-foto yang ditampilkan juga memberikan kesan mistis yang begitu kuat, saya seakan terbawa begitu dalam pada sebuah perjalanan yang jauh dan entah kemana. Menikmati karya ini bisa memberikan efek mencekam lebih lama, jika dinikmati sendiri di dalam kesunyian malam. (Tomi S)


Project Desription

This photograph is me trying to reconnect with past experience about travelling through different places, dimensions, and passing through space and time with various method of meditation and ritual.

Sometimes the road was dark, and another moment the road was so clear. There are so many obstacle that coming in my experience.

It it not easy to interpret the meaning of all the symbols that comes very fast and also in some chaotic order.

I’m lost! And in that moment I think I will leave the material world.

And then my savior come, he is one of the ancient mythological sage in Indian and Indonesian culture. He guide me through the darkness, and bring me to the light.

To the One, and only Light.


Accros The Universe, video slideshow


“Epic story of Mahabharata and early introduction of Indonesian amulet was kind of bedtime story that made my childhood magical. It makes me very interested in all matters relating to the spirit and supernatural realm.

In the age of elementary school, i was introduced to the eastern wisdom and also the world of Rumi & Tasawwuf teachings.

For me, photographic is a medium to translate the hidden things and all of personal feeling.”

Baskara Puraga Somantri (b. 1991) is a photographer based in Bandung, Indonesia. Since 2008, he explore anything possible through photography and videography. He is Co-Founder of Foto Emperan (@fotoemperan), a collective photography group.

He is currently work in Red Studio as mixing & mastering audio engineer and also works with various artist as music producer. In early 2016 he started an independent recording label called Neverstop Records.


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All the pictures in this post are copyrighted Baskara Puraga Somantri

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