Kodachrome Movie, Perjalanan Terakhir Dengan Karya Awal
Kodachrome Movie, Perjalanan Terakhir Dengan Karya Awal

Kodachrome Movies

Jika Anda berharap menyaksikan kisah para fotografer dengan aksinya di lapangan pada proses pengambilan gambar seperti pada Bang Bang Club maka di Kodachrome tidak akan banyak ditemukan. Kecenderungan lebih mirip film drama The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Dan berfokus hubungan antara ayah dan anak yang tidak begitu harmonis.

July 12, 2018
by Tomi Saputra Ghazali
Solitude, Photo Series by Putri Nadhira Saraswati

Solitude by Putri Nadhira Saraswati

Analog photography exhibition contributor Tabu volume 1


My name is Putri Nadhira Saraswati. I am currently taking major in architecture in Bandung. I started photography as a hobby when I was in high school. I just shot what I like, and I find it relaxing for me.

But the process doesn’t just stop there. I love how photographs can take me back to how I feel when I take the shot,

November 24, 2017
by Tomi Saputra Ghazali
Fault Line, project by Sophie Barbasch

Fault Line, by Sophie Barbasch


I started studying photography in high school and then got more serious about it during college. After college, I realized I wanted to pursue my MFA.

Grad school helped me a lot in terms of understanding what I was trying to do and say with my work. I feel like I am still processing some of the feedback I got,

November 10, 2017
by Tomi Saputra Ghazali
A Girl from Kapan, Photo Story by Ruben Hardjanto (ROE)


In my daily life, I lead a Architect Bureau in Jakarta.

I take a photo around the city I lived in my spare time .

Photography is a way for me to relax, meet new friends and exploring my way to tell stories
Later, i found many social issues around me.
Social issue that trig me to dig it deeper.

I realize that picture can tells a thousand word,

November 3, 2017
by Tomi Saputra Ghazali
Q&A Dengan Tokoh Antagonis Street Photography, Homer Harianja
Q&A Dengan Tokoh Antagonis Street Photography, Homer Harianja

Silahkan perkenalkan diri Anda

Nama Homer Harianja dan saya street photographer

Kenangan apa yang Anda ingat ketika awal mula mengenal fotografi?

Foto Bapak yang memeluk saya di Pantai Ancol. Saya ingin anak saya mengingat seperti saya mengenang Bapak melalui foto.

Street photography sepertinya saat ini menjadi pilihan utama yang Anda pilih pada jalur fotografi, kenapa?

Saya seorang pejalan.

October 20, 2017
by Tomi Saputra Ghazali
I Found The Silence, by Martin Stranka. From Czech Republic

I Found The Silence

Artist Statement

Unlike many compositing artists, Stranka shoots all ofthe photos he uses.

“My photography is my own creation,” he says. “People often ask me if the animals in my animal series are real animals, and all of them are. When I created the components of Until You Wake Up, I went to a nearby animal refuge and took photos of white deer with my 70–200 mm lens.”

So wherever he goes,

October 15, 2017
by Tomi Saputra Ghazali