Ordinary Days


I born in Japan and I am a permanent resident in the U.K. since I came to study Fine Art in 1990.
Taking photos is something that I have always enjoyed, and I have re-discover the photography as new medium as the digital age came into the photography process.
I have published my digital photography to my old website (www.photo-visible.com) back in 2006 and stared receiving enquiries about my photography.
This lead me to work as a semi-professional photographer.

Artist Statement

For me the photography is a medium to express my ideas. The some of my personal photography works are based on a concept.

I quite often treat a group of photos as one single project work.

Ongoing Projects

I have been working on few my personal projects such as portrait photography using film camera, Street photography, and Architecture photography.


I get lots of influences from works done by fashion and street photographers who are often worked on Black and White film photography.


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