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A Moment of Solitary, by Edas Wong. Street Photographers from Hongkong

A Moment of Solitary, by Edas Wong


My name is Edas Wong from Hong Kong. I graduated from UMIST’s (Manchester, England). In “Year 2000 to 2002” and “Year 2005 to 2013”, I lived in Stockholm, Sweden and worked as an engineer in the R&D department of a leading mobile network vendor.

From 2014 onward, I and my wife had then subsequently moved back to Hong Kong where I currently reside and work till now.

I bought my first camera in Year 2002. Since then, I started to seriously take photos, but concentrating on landscape photography. In 2011, after seeing Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “Valencia, Spain 1933,”, I then immediately fell in love with street photography.

From that point on I developed an instant and abiding passion for street photography.

I love imagination and street photography is an excellent media to express my crotchets. Normally, you don’t need to prepare for street photography and just “go outside”, “stop playing smartphone”, observe” and then “click”. It is rather simple, unlike drawing, writing, etc.

Regarding method, it is rather simple. I just try to relax and enjoy observation and imagination. I believe when mind is empty, creativity will then be infinity.

Our imagination is confined by what we learnt, knowledge, experience, common sense, culture, moral, etc. To “make” a creative photo, all these burdens should be thrown away so as to reform the world on your own way.

Preferences, preparations, photography equipment

My camera is SONY RX1.

Year 2013, one week before Christmas, I only took few seconds to decide moving whole family back to Hong Kong from a place where I and my wife had lived almost 10 years, Stockholm, due to family matter.

Then next day, we had already arrived Hong Kong with two pieces of suitcases plus a tone of ignorantness but no regret.

Project statement

Artist Statement: A Moment of Solitary

Hong Kong, the city I was born and grew up. I really love it; however, I had had no alternative but to escape from it due to extreme high work pressure. It led me to have high blood pressure, headache, stomach-ache, etc…

When I decided to return Hong Kong, I had already foreseen I would face not only the previous pressure again but also new pressure caused by new family matter.

“Sigh! I haven’t died yet!” It is often the first thought while I wake up since I had returned to Hong Kong half year. I realize my “old friend” now attacks me again. To rescue myself, I take a direct and simple method: short break at a silent place, e.g. terrace, overpass bottom, quiet park, lane, etc., to exhaust the pressures being underneath the heart.

This series is to record how Hong Kongese struggle with pressures at “A Moment Of Solitary”, like me.

Recently, my flavour book is about “ZEN” philosophy. It also influences my style of photography.


All the pictures in this post are copyrighted Edas Wong