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SIGNS’, by Akkara Naktamna. Street Photographers from Thailand.

Pertemuan awal dengan photo series Sign’s dari Akkara Naktamna adalah pada Desember 2016, ketika diikut pamerkan pada rangkaian acara Jambore Street Photography Indonesia ketika itu, saya menikmati pertama kali dalam bentuk photobook.

Kesan pertama yang saya dapatkan adalah, suatu kemampuan observasi yang sangat bagus. Kembali menghadirkan memori di masa kecil, pada masa menikmati film animasi yang sering ditampilkan distasiun televisi era 90an. Monster di dunia fantasi tersebut disuguhkan pada rangkaian foto yang sangat menarik.

Kesungguhan dalam berkarya untuk merealitaskan fantasi, tentunya butuh kerja keras dan niat besar untuk mewujudkan project ini. Mengagumkan! (Tomi S)



With photography, your evolution as a photographer. Your influences and favorite stuff within and outside of photography:

Akkara Naktamna was born in Bangkok in 1979 and started shooting as a self-taught photographer in 2008 influenced by Elliott Erwitt’s book and a comedy movie named “Pecker”.

His works have been shown widely both in Thailand and abroad such as IPA Street Photography Asia Award 2013 (Singapore), Miami Street Photography Festival 2013 (USA), Xishuangbana Photo Festival 2014 (China), Photo Bangkok Festival 2015, Singapore Photo Festival 2016, etc.

In 2016 Akkara made a zine named “SIGNS” which was a shortlist of the Anamorphosis Prize 2016 and also was collected at MoMA Library Collection.

He founded Good Art Book: a website for promoting Thai self-published art book, c-Type Magazine: a blog for featuring interesting photo series around the globe, and co-founded Street Photo Thailand collective.

Currently Akkara works as a software engineer, has one adorable daughter, and spends his free time for photography.

SIGNS’ Statement

Nightmarish, primeval and strong images captured with beauty and precision.

For fans of horror sci-fi, the apocalypse and other mysteries of the Intelligent Universe, Akkara Naktamna’s simple but eye-opening series ‘Signs’ is likely to confirm their growing sense of an organic doomsday conspiracy.

As Akkara says: “My experience in street photography made me sensitive to phenomena and changes around us.

I often encounter weird, even eerie, environmental elements, such as various plants that, gorged on the city’s pollution, burst into gigantic mutant creepers, steadily devouring everything around them.

They seem to be biding their time to wreak vengeance upon nature-destroying man. Many things we meet in daily life appear inert and lifeless and so are overlooked.

Closer scrutiny reveals that they’re furtively signaling each other, emitting unfathomable messages, as in some scene from a horror sci-fi doomsday movie, the kind that always end in tragedy.”


You used a simple compact camera like Sony RX100 Mark ll to create SIGNS series. Just some photographs were shot by Fuji X-Pro1.


All the pictures in this post are copyrighted Akkara Naktamna