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A Girl from Kapan, Photo Story by Ruben Hardjanto (ROE)


In my daily life, I lead a Architect Bureau in Jakarta.

I take a photo around the city I lived in my spare time .

Photography is a way for me to relax, meet new friends and exploring my way to tell stories
Later, i found many social issues around me.
Social issue that trig me to dig it deeper.

I realize that picture can tells a thousand word,
I started photographing that issue and tell the story.


I found a lot of beauty conveyed by humans through song, poetry, and painting.
In every great artwork created by human, I see the unique presence of its maker.

Lately, I read Haruki Murakami’s book and it amazed me.

How he play with the word and bring a simple story up through his imagination is demonstrating the infinite power of imagination.

Project description

“A Girl from Kapan” is a story of a girl named Wati,
Wati lives in small village named Beka, 8km from Kapan, North Mollo, NTT.

Every day, Wati has to walk 1,5- 2 hours to go to school.

In school days, she leave her house at 5-6 am and has just arrived at 3-4 pm
Since Wati grew up in a poor family, she has to help her family to work after school.

After long way walk to school and work at home, the daily learning process far from ideal.
Less of water supply, no electricity and the lack of awareness about education is another issue.

We are aware that education is the starting point for this kids to grow and break out the poverty.

This project is created as a trigger to move people for contributing to their needs.

In the end of 2017, we have prepared a “Shelter House” (a house that close to the school) for kids whose live far from school.

With parental consent they can stay in that house for free from Monday to Friday.
Hopefully, this small step can be the first step for a bigger change.