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Tomi Saputra is a Freelance Photographer, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing, and social media management practitioner. Based in Bandung, Indonesia. Is very interested in learning about many things while having conversations over black coffee. He is also actively writing for Maklum Foto. Tomi co-founded MaklumFoto, Founder Fnd It Magazine. Follow on Twitter at @udatommo

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Solitude, Photo Series by Putri Nadhira Saraswati

Solitude by Putri Nadhira Saraswati

Analog photography exhibition contributor Tabu volume 1


My name is Putri Nadhira Saraswati. I am currently taking major in architecture in Bandung. I started photography as a hobby when I was in high school. I just shot what I like, and I find it relaxing for me.

But the process doesn’t just stop there. I love how photographs can take me back to how I feel when I take the shot, and I would like other people to feel it too. So recently, I try to explore photography as a way to express my feeling and tell stories.

Project Description

This actually isn’t a really well-thought-out project. This is more of a spontaneous project. I spent a lot of time alone and thinking at the moment, and the idea just popped up. Unintentionally, I call this project ‘Solitude’.

I believe that people has their own way to find solitude. To take time for ourselves, reconnecting with our own minds, building an atmosphere to recharge our energy. Some people find it in quiet places, some may even find it in crowded places. A morning run, a walk into nature, writing a journal, or starring at buildings. Simple things to simply make us feel better.


Basically everything around me. Movies, music, poetry, traveling, even deep talks with my friends can influence my work.



All the pictures in this post are copyrighted Putri Nadhira Saraswati

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The Arrival, Photo Series by Andi Sudjana

The Arrival,  by Andi Sudjana

Project description

The arrival was my first attempt to make a photo story based on a science fiction background. It was created initially to response to a submission of Bungkus! (Bandung photography Now!) In 2014.

The idea is to reconstructed or re-imagined the arrival of alien entities to Bandung city based on random article that I found on the internet.

At that moment of the idea emerged I already have some random candid photos that I took during my times wandering my city and somehow it was coincidentally fit to the theme that I want to produced, after that I continue building the story and at the time of presentation of the submission, The Bungkus! Team help me arranged and sequenced the story since it was also my first time creating a photo story.

The Arrival also has been presented as a group exhibition during Bandung photo showcase 2015 event in Bandung, Indonesia.

Short bio:

Andi Sudjana (b.1986), Photography Enthusiast based in Bandung, Indonesia.



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[POEM] Senja Kala Itu

Senja Kala Itu

Karya: Tomi Saputra

Masih tentang lamunan dibalik selembar kaca

Dimasa hujan berbisik lirih dengan sendunya

Mengemas rindu menjadi semakin menggebu meskipun senja kian

Sangat beragam rupa sajak yang memuat tentang senja

Atau mengenai hujan yang dikaitkan dengan momen terbaik bernostalgia

Jangan menjadi muak kawan,

Ini hanyalah pengulangan pada siklus kumpulan kata

Lepaskan batasanmu, buang gengsi penahan sisi melankolis itu

Nikmati ritme rintik turunnya

Terlarutlah dalam suasana dramatisnya, karena ini bukanlah dosa

Hanya memanjakan diri sesaat, menikmati ketika jiwa bercumbu dengan alam

Mari hela hapas sejenak, dan bersyukurlah bahwa kamu masih ada

Bandung, November 2017

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[POEM] Di Antara Persimpangan Menuju Jalan Pulang

Di Antara Persimpangan Menuju Jalan Pulang

Karya: Tomi Saputra

Persekutuan bulir dari tangisan langit merangkak di balik kaca

Bersenandung riang seakan menepis sore yang kelabu

Berbanding terbalik dengan atmosfer di hati yang sedang melamun nanar

Rindu akan aroma persawahan yang diantarkan angin

Nyanyian burung balam yang bermain di sela nyiur melambai

Suara serangga dikala maghrib menjelang, yang menjadi alarm nyamuk untuk mencari mangsa

Dan syahdunya udara sejuk yang menemani embun pagi

Saat ini, dalam suatu persimpangan menuju jalan pulang

Mengais harapan di kota bunga yang katanya menenangkan, menyenangkan

Menahan kerinduan sembari mendekap malam

Bandung, November 2017

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Fault Line, project by Sophie Barbasch

Fault Line, by Sophie Barbasch


I started studying photography in high school and then got more serious about it during college. After college, I realized I wanted to pursue my MFA.

Grad school helped me a lot in terms of understanding what I was trying to do and say with my work. I feel like I am still processing some of the feedback I got, even though I’ve been out of school for a number of years now.

I have experimented with other media, but I feel like photography comes closest to expressing how I experience the world. Even so, I still think a lot about what images cannot express and how to fill those gaps.

Preferences, preparations, photography equipment

It depends a lot on the project—sometimes, I stage the images and work with a tripod. For other projects, I just shoot hand-held and respond in the moment.

I am using the Mamiya 7 and the Sony mirrorless camera right now. I love film, but digital is very liberating.

Project statement

Artist Statement: Fault Line

Fault Line is a story about my family. The protagonist is my younger cousin Adam. It takes place in Brooklin, Maine, where he lives. I have been working on this project intensively since 2013.

It was then that I went to visit Adam and was overwhelmed by his intelligence, humor, and vulnerability. I couldn’t help but feel connected to him. We understood each other in a way no one else in the family did.

I felt like he was my stand-in, my double. When we started taking pictures, we both wanted to make the same images; I didn’t have to explain anything.

In 2013, I had already been estranged from my father for seven years. I wanted to return to a family base to understand what had happened.

I wanted to make images that expressed moments from the past: moments of conflict, isolation, and despair. I also wanted to express the desire to connect to family and to belong to something.

I chose the surreal landscape of Brooklin, sandwiched between the coast and the dense forest, to begin exploring these fragments from my childhood. I used Adam as my model.

Over the years, I also began to incorporate myself, my brother, my aunt, my cousins, and finally my father, into the images.

Influences and favorite stuff within and outside of photography

At the moment, I am inspired by the Not Surprised project ( as well as Barbara Kruger’s new NYC Metrocard series. I just finished reading The Babysitter at Rest by Jen George, which I loved. My new favorite photo book is Blind Date by Leiko Shiga.


All the pictures in this post are copyrighted Sophie Barbasch

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Poison, by Aji Susanto Anom


Photo Series by Aji Susanto Anom

Orgasm, La petit mort, The Little Death

This is a poison, a poison delivering my visual interpretation about sex and death. Sex and death is a nature of being, sex is the gate to the birth yet death stands at the end human life. But is it true that sex and death is a matter of life and reproduction?


Aji Susanto Anom (b.1989) is a photographer based in Indonesia. His work is basically explores all his personal question about the darkness of his deeper life. He has published three photobooks independently called “Nothing Personal”, “Poison” and “Recollecting Dreams”. In 2015, he was selected as one of the participant of “Angkor Photography Workshop” under the mentor: Antoine D’Agata and Sohrab Hura. His works can be discovered through his featured publication on Lens Culture, The Invisible Photographer Asia, Top Photography Films, Monovisions, Dodho Magazines, Sidewalkers.Asia and more.


All the pictures in this post are copyrighted Aji Susanto Anom