Natural Nature, by Mankichi Shinshi. Street Photographer from Japan

Natural Nature, by Mankichi Shinshi. Street Photographers from Japan

Natural Nature, Photo Series by Mankichi Shinshi


I’m Mankichi Shinshi (born in 1984), street / documentary photographer based in Japan. I started photography in 2013 with self-taught style. And now, at various public places mainly in Asia, I’m walking around and taking photographs.

I don’t join any photo collective. From early childhood, I was being told « You are contrariness ! Be obedient ! ». Certainly, it’s better to follow the social rules. But in the field of art, nothing is correct and nothing is wrong. Only exist is the feeling of like and dislike. Maybe my photos reflects such a thought.

Artist statement

My photography style is a seeking of the way of confronting the scenes where anyone can see (= general society), from my individual eyes. I push the shutter button when I feel “something”, and name to “something” as a photo project.

By stacking such activities, I’m trying to affirm this world’s fragments one by one. Always, I don’t stage to any people and situation, because I want to express my vision only with my POV. So, I prefer to use small equipment like Leica M and Fuji X100.

Natural Nature:

Following from Darwin’s theory of evolution, we are the extension of plants and animals—therefore, human beings can also be defined as a part of “nature.”

Despite this fact, when looking for “nature”, most people ignore the human component and praise only the parts that are green, lush and wild.

I think this rationale is based on the excessive guilt we feel as a society, a guilt stemming from the ceaseless advancement of modern technology and development all over the planet.

So, I started this project as an antithesis to the “old idea of nature” like that is displayed on Google image search. I intentionally collected photographs to be emphasized the “unnaturalness made by human and artifact”.

By affirming properly the feeling of weirdness in our everyday environments, I want to record the appearance of “modern nature”.


So many many are there. I picked some of them that recent I love.

Photo book “Continental Drift” by Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs
Magazine “Toilet Paper” by Maurizio Cattelan
Movie “En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron” by Roy Andersson



All the pictures in this post are copyrighted Mankichi Shinshi

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