The Arrival, Photo Series by Andi Sudjana

The Arrival,  by Andi Sudjana

Project description

The arrival was my first attempt to make a photo story based on a science fiction background. It was created initially to response to a submission of Bungkus! (Bandung photography Now!) In 2014.

The idea is to reconstructed or re-imagined the arrival of alien entities to Bandung city based on random article that I found on the internet.

At that moment of the idea emerged I already have some random candid photos that I took during my times wandering my city and somehow it was coincidentally fit to the theme that I want to produced, after that I continue building the story and at the time of presentation of the submission, The Bungkus! Team help me arranged and sequenced the story since it was also my first time creating a photo story.

The Arrival also has been presented as a group exhibition during Bandung photo showcase 2015 event in Bandung, Indonesia.

Short bio:

Andi Sudjana (b.1986), Photography Enthusiast based in Bandung, Indonesia.



    Tomi Saputra Ghazali

    Tomi Saputra is a Freelance Photographer, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing, and social media management practitioner. Based in Bandung, Indonesia. Is very interested in learning about many things while having conversations over black coffee. He is also actively writing for Maklum Foto. Tomi co-founded MaklumFoto, Founder Fnd It Magazine. Follow on Twitter at @udatommo

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